Porcelain Onlays

Are Porcelain Dental Onlays a Solution for You?

Porcelain Only | Dentists Kailua | Howard Carrico III, DDSDr. Carrico offers porcelain dental onlays, as a potential solution for dental restoration for all his patients from Kaneohe, Kailua, Waimanalo, Haleiwa and surrounding areas. As a general dentist, the goal is to help people keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. As a cosmetic dentist, the goal is to find affordable solutions for furthering the goal of keeping natural teeth. Dr. Carrico offers the services including onlays that help you to maintain good oral health and great smile!

What Are They?

Most people know what a crown or a cap is but have not heard of an onlay. An onlay is the middle ground between fillings and caps or crowns. It is used to rebuild a tooth that is not quite in need of a crown but that cannot be rebuilt using a filling alone.

They are a great way to repair teeth by keeping more of the natural tooth when it compares to crowns or caps. This is an option that will help you to keep your natural teeth.

What Is It Used For?

Dr. Carrico can discuss in detail what this procedure can be used for your specific dental care needs. Dental restoration can be a combination of procedures to affect the best results. This can be the ideal solution in a wide range of situations, but you should speak to Dr. Carrico about the ideal options to meet your needs.

Other Questions

There are a few common questions about this procedure like:

  • Is it painful? -No
  • Is it long lasting? - Yes, it is a very durable solution
  • Does it look natural? -Yes it looks very natural and is a greatly improved look when compared to fillings.

Get all your questions answered by making an appointment to see Dr. Carrico and ask about whether the onlays are right for you!