Dental X-Rays

Dental X-ray | Dentists Kailua | Howard Carrico III, DDSHoward H. Carrico III, D.D.S. provides comprehensive dental care for patients in Kaneohe, Kailua, Waimanalo, and Haleiwa. X-rays are an essential component in a thorough dental exam for identifying a range of problems with the teeth, jaw, and gums. This enables our dentist to diagnose problems that are not readily visible and provide treatment before the problem grows larger.

Dental x-rays use electromagnetic radiation that penetrates soft tissue and is absorbed by the denser materials of the teeth and bones. This creates an image of the teeth and bones of the jaw, which can be used to assess dental health and detect a range of problems, such as tooth decay, bite problems, impacted teeth, periodontal disease, and tumors.

Bitewings are used to x-ray the back teeth. This type of x-ray shows images of the crown of the tooth, which enables the dentist to diagnose decay between the teeth that is difficult to detect. Additionally, this type of x-ray is effective for diagnosing gum disease and problems with the alignment of the teeth. Bitewings show dental tartar build up and measure the degree of bone loss in patients with advanced gum disease.

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