Fluoride Treatment

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy with Fluoride Treatments

Flouride Treatment | Dentists Kailua | Howard Carrico III, DDSFluoride is an important part of good dental care. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen dental enamel. It can help to ward off decay that can occur when dental enamel is weak or unprotected. The enamel or protective hard coating on your teeth is put to the challenge every day. Foods and drinks that contain acids can erode the dental enamel and invite bacteria in. Good dental health care should include using fluoride. The World Health Organization, The American Dental Association and other regulatory agencies recommend that children and adults use fluoride for good oral health.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Many city water systems include fluoride in the water to help to improve dental health, but well water does not typically contain enough fluoride to make a difference. It is especially important that children get enough fluoride to protect growing teeth. General dentistry serving Kaneohe, Kailua, Waimanalo and Haleiwa can help you and your family to get the treatments that will help to prevent decay and keep your teeth strong. Howard Carrico, DDS, is the general dentist that can help you to determine if you and your family can benefit from these treatments. Some options include:

  • Fluoride supplements
  • Special mouthwash
  • In the chair treatments

Dr. Carrico will discuss with you, your options and whether or not it is necessary to have these treatments to improve the health of your teeth. For children and adults, supplements can be prescribed in drop form or in tablet form.

Some Advice

You should be at the least using a toothpaste that includes fluoride. There are also over the counter mouthwashes that you can buy that contain fluoride as well. Make an appointment today to talk about what options you and your family have. To ensure you are getting enough fluoride.